Sandbox Story product - it is handmade wood lightbox for drawing sand paintings.


Sandbox Story MINI
Dimensions: 0,94m x 0,45m x 0,24m.
Weight: 16 kg (including 3 kg sand package).
PRICE Sandbox Story MINI = 325 EUR + shipping fee.

Sandbox Story pack includes: box frame, two inserted sand trays, fine sifted natural sand, glass pane, integrated LED lights.

Sandbox Story needs to be connected to electricity.

Sandbox can be placed on the floor or any other stable horizontal surface.       

Usable strictly under adult supervision.

Additionally it is possible to order:

  • glass pane - price - 50 EUR + shipping fee.
   NEW! COLOUR changing lights!
More than 20 different colours (changing with remote control)
Price for coloured lights (Sandbox MINI)
+80 EUR

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