Field performances

We offer you sand animation live performances - drawing up your chosen story or theme, when the pictures change with a slight move of our artist's hand in front of the audience (approx. within 7-9 minutes.) or the stories also can be recorded and edited, creating a final version of 1-5 minutes or, for example, announcing nominations in such way on some event.
We offer you also sand animation workshops. It is a place where everyone, regardless child or adult, can try to make sand animation and create a painting of sand.

Sand animation table is equipped with video recording device, which saves the sand animations and the process of drawing them on a disk, and this motion picture may be projected on a television or any other screen nearby.

Our experience

We started offering field visits of sand animation in 2012 and since then we have participated in more than 130 events in Latvia and outside Latvia (USA, Switzerland, Japan, Baltic states etc).

The soap bubble and special effects show "Bubblelandia" with Pezzoli illusionists

Concert for school youth “Music for You” with the symphony orchestra of Jāzeps Mediņš Riga Music High School
The Tall Ship Races 2013 official captain’s dinner & The Tall Ship Races 2013 official ambassadors reception on the Kruzenstern
Live performance in Kobe - at Riga and Kobe Sister city 40th anniversary welcome reception
Internation transport & logistics exhibition in Moscow - Transrussia 2014
Gastronomic performance "Untamed dinner continues"

More photos and video from our live performances: