Sandbox Story is a unique lightbox for creating beautiful sand art paintings and making up your own story, where one image with a couple of hand moves changes to a completely different picture. With Sandbox Story you enjoy the feeling of live performance art and complete freedom of imagination.

Sandbox Story is suitable for children and adults on any age.

WHY Sandbox Story

For kids, playing and making art are synonyms. Both activities represent children's attempts to take control of their environment, stretch imagination, explore possibilities, encourage creativity and – discover their "self" as defined by their creations.

In addition, drawing with sand has many learning benefits. Kids love the feel of sand and its ability to be formed into anything they desire. With Sandbox Story children learn about texture, contrasts, forms and lines.

Finger painting allows kids to explore different textures and sensations with their hands while creating art.

Drawing with sand helps to develop children`s arm and hand muscles and improve hand function. It is a great fine motor activity because children can pinch and patter the sand with their fingers to apply it to their sand art work. Fine motor skills particularly are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting. 

Through painting and drawing, children's muscle control and hand and eye co-ordination develop as well.

Sand has a calming and therapeutic effect on children.

The Sandbox Story combines sand therapy, art therapy and play therapy elements. It can be used as supplementary aid in psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as well as for children with hand disabilities.

Sandbox Story may help children to express with drawings and symbols the emotions they cannot express by words.